Happy Life: Holding Yourself To A Higher Standard

Happy Life: Holding Yourself to a Higher Standard

Only you truly know yourself. All of your dreams and your passions live within you. There is no one in this world who is like you, which is awesome. We are here to help each other. If we are not our best selves, we deny the world of what it truly needs. You must resist society and its demands to conform to something you aren’t. You must hold onto and develop your individuality to live a truly successful and happy life.

Find Yourself

If you don’t know who you are, you must find out immediately. You have had clues all along. For instance, there are certain things that stay with us from a young age. Turn off the TV, don’t talk to anyone, and don’t let the world’s distractions keep you from discovering yourself. It’s time to get into your favorite colors, sounds, fabrics and everything that is within you. It can sound trivial, but it’s not. If you do not surround yourself with the things you love, this world will distract you from being you.

Your Goals

After you have found yourself, you will find that you want certain things in life. We all want something, but what we want is different. If you dislike having a nine-to-five, you’re not going to be happy working behind a desk. There is a deeper calling inside of you, and you need to follow this. Give yourself a reasonable timeframe to make your goals happen. If you’re new to this, you will have to break this process down into steps. It helps, sometimes, to work or think backwards. Write down your goal as being completed. Then, think of what comes right before its completion. Let’s say that you want to run a marathon. Well, you’re going to have to run a few times before you jump into a race. Before you run it a few times, you will need to nearly run the same distance. If you work backwards like this, you will discover all of the steps you will need to run a marathon. According to your timeframe, you will need to incorporate these little steps into your daily schedule. You must not let anything else keep you from your goals. Say “no” to anything that does not help you develop in the way you need to.

Simplify Your Life

There are things you want to accomplish. However, you’re going to experience several distractions. Any time you’re onto something good, an opposing force will be there. You must be bold enough to say “no” to it. You need to get rid of anything that does not lend itself to edifying your dreams. This includes toxic people. It’s a good time to create some healthy boundaries for yourself too. If you want to work from home, you will need to stop those unexpected visits from well-meaning family members, friends and neighbors. Your daily schedule can’t be all about work. It’s important that you have balance. You need to have healthy and fruitful fun, so create time for it.

Believe in Yourself

You have the ability to achieve your dreams. It’s not just the “lucky ones” who get to live out their dreams. It’s all about your perspective, so stop believing negative things about yourself.

Stop Negative Self-Talk

There are a million things you could be telling yourself. Chances are, you’ve been telling yourself several negative statements. Slow down your thoughts enough to recognize them, but don’t stop there. Ask yourself the truth about these statements, because once you find the truth, you won’t let a lie slow you down.

Consider some of the most popular negative self-talk people do on a regular basis:

• “I’m not that talented.” This statement is not true. If you have a dream or desire to achieve something, you have a hidden talent that needs to be developed. Whatever you tell your brain, it will believe. If you say, “I can’t” do something, you won’t.

• “I don’t have what it takes.” This one sounds similar to believing you’re not talented, but this statement is based upon the belief that only others have what it takes. We’re all at different levels, which does not make us superior or inferior. The only difference it makes in our lives is how far we’re willing to go with our dreams. Again, if you tell your brain you don’t have what it takes, your brain won’t even try.

• “It’s too hard.” Well, the good news about something being hard, other than the fact that it’ll develop some awesome characteristics in you, is that it’s not impossible. By the way, the “impossible” only seems impossible until a way is found, so don’t let that stop you either.

• “I’m old.” You are as old as you allow yourself to be, and it’s all about how you use your time. You might see a 20-year-old wasting the day away drinking, and you might see a 60-year-old hiking. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the 60-year-old is more full of life, so don’t let a little thing like a number stand in the way of your dream. Besides, the alternative is to sit and do nothing, and we know that’s no fun.

Know Your Worth

You are worth it, but you probably told yourself you weren’t along the way. So many people are controlled by their fears. You need to hold yourself to a higher standard. Even allowing fear to make you do something beneficial is a bad idea because you hold yourself hostage to it. You are mightier than this fear. Show it who's boss. You must challenge all negative thoughts and behaviors to have total freedom. You must achieve what you set out to do because you know that you’re worth it.

At the end of the day, only you are responsible for a successful and happy life. This means that you will need to hold yourself to a higher standard of living. Don't be afraid to say "no" to anyone or anything that gets in your way. There's only one you, and the world needs you.

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