Why I left Home and Moved to Costa Rica

Finding Happiness, Costa Rican Scarlet Macaw

I don’t want to contemplate the magical possibilities of my existence. Instead, I would like to dance in the majesty of it all. Instead of the insanely asinine struggle to have a life that I don’t even like, I’d rather leave it all on the table to know that my soul is in line with my destiny- a destiny that I create. Life is not a cliché. Against the insurmountable odds of being here, one in a trillion to be exact, here I am. That needs to mean something; being here is significant.

My upbringing and society shaped the trajectory of my life. As I think of the path that I choose, or as I think of it more clearly, the path that was chosen for me, I realize that the path was the familiar road trodden. There is nothing too unique about graduating high school, continuing to college, amassing debt, and then working years to pay it off. The problem with the norm is that once it is accepted, it is hard to break out. Doing something other than the norm seems ludicrous when really, it’s the contrary. There is no one-stop shop for everyone’s life. In a cookie cutter society, we lose our individuality and purpose. We forget the things which make our soul tingle in exchange for the 40-hour week that ends with a paycheck.

Over the past several years, I had various 40-hour a week jobs, all of which ended due to my disinterest and lack of passion for the work. Following “the norm” felt unusual for me. I felt like I was forcing ideals upon myself that were not my own and as a result, I actively searched for other ways to make a living. There was the exhaustive nature to juggling a 40 hour a week job, caring for a young one and trying to build a side hustle and I was initially unsuccessful because I failed to look for things that were related to my passion.

  • What do I enjoy?

  • How do I want to live my life?

  • What example do I want to set forth for my child?

– These were all important questions that I did not fully consider.

Despite all that, there came a time where I realized that this is IT. This is my one shot, and I need to go full force, or I am going to be in this cycle of dissatisfaction for the rest of my life. I realized I am not “normal,” nor was I created to be. I needed to be the fullest extent of me for the rest of my life. I made a vision board of what I wanted in my life and that along with a change of mind, altered the trajectory of my life. I cut through all the noise and started living the life that I wanted.

Costa Rica is an expression of me. My soul was drawn here, though my mind did not know when or how living here would be a possibility. An awareness of other cultures and learning Spanish as a second language has always been a passion of mine. I was tired of the bubble mentality, and I wanted to experience the world for the beautiful and complex place that it is. I knew that my children would grow here and I knew this drastic change would be a welcome discomfort. Throwing myself in a foreign country with a foreign language seemed exciting and mysterious. It was exactly what I needed to awaken to the possibilities of life. My family has been welcomed here with incredible kindness and hospitality. We found a home that we love, and in a short time, we have bonded with people who’ve made us feel like this has always been home. I came here to free my mind and to ensure that the dream that I had would be made a reality. This has not been without stress, worry or any of the other things that accompany change, but I am happy to know that I am doing what I want. Moving here has been the greatest opportunity to hand back societal ideals and say, “No thank you!”. I am happy here, and happiness is life.

Live life. Let’s not stress about the fact that we are not doing what we want but instead, let’s do what we want. This may mean striving for what we want for some time, knowing that what we want is within our reach. Life is about completing yourself and being the ultimate you. Whatever you desire, take ownership of that today. Begin to create a life around your desires and be uniquely you. You don’t need permission or company to start because this journey is yours and whatever you need will find you along the way.

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